Noah Stovall


As the oldest sibling of four naturally gifted people, Noah Stovall grew up surrounded by the arts and always possessed a talent for leading. So it comes as no surprise that his leading abilities easily transferred to the dance floor! Noah’s first formal dance lessons were with a youth dance troupe in middle school. Here he explored all different genres of dance: ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, even krump and tutting. After graduating from Tallwood High School, Noah was introduced to ballroom and was hooked. A mere month after studying ballroom Noah competed in an independent ballroom contest, and his success there furthered his love for ballroom dance even more. After a brief hiatus from ballroom due to an injury, Noah couldn’t stay off the dance floor any longer. He took up social swing and blues in the Hampton Roads community and realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life dancing. Luckily, he found that in Arthur Murray Virginia Beach over a year ago and has been dancing every day ever since. Noah takes such pride in his students and believes the best part of his job is watching his students grow into confident dancers.