Savanna Baltero


Savanna Baltero is currently a ballroom dance instructor and   aspiring dance competitor at Arthur Murray Dance Studios; however she has always had an enthusiasm and passion for dance. Close friends and family say she was born to dance having spent the first few years of her life on her toes. From a very young age she showed a natural inclination and an early love for dance, and was enrolled in her first lesson at the age of 7. Savanna started her dance journey in a tiny purple dance studio right in the middle of Oahu, Hawai’i taking all types of dance classes: contemporary, lyrical, jazz, even a little hip-hop. However, Savanna ultimately fell in love with the poise and challenge of ballet and was encouraged by several dance teachers to not only take advanced private lessons, but also join a ballet company. Less than a year later she was dancing with a prominent ballet studio, Ballet Hawai’i. Many company performances and Nutcrackers later she relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia, which she now calls home. Savanna continued dancing ballet in Virginia, but eventually broke into the ballroom world through social swing and blues. She learned to swing locally, basically learning an entirely different style of dance while on the dance floor. After a couple years of social ballroom dancing Savanna was in love just as she had fallen in love with ballet as a child. Luckily she was presented with the opportunity to not only dance everyday, but also share the joy of dance to people of all walks of life. This opportunity was, of course, an instructor position at Arthur Murray. Savanna is so thrilled that she is able to combine her passion with her career and is looking forward to her future as a ballroom instructor, ballroom competitor, and Dancing with the Stars of Hampton Roads 2016 pro!