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Professional Ballroom Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray Virginia Beach
Private Dance Lessons & Group Classes for Beginners, Adults, & Couples

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Learning to dance at Arthur Murray’s in Virginia Beach is quick, fun and easy.

People in Virginia Beach, Norfolk/Ghent, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and throughout the Tidewater/Hampton Roads area are discovering that taking lessons for Ballroom dancing and Latin dancing is beneficial in ways they never thought. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding, reunion, holiday party or just looking for something fresh and new, Ballroom dancing lessons are becoming more and more popular.

Visit our studio in Virginia or call today for professional Ballroom dance lessons and take the first step that will change your life.


Serving Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, Suffolk & Beyond


3707 Virginia Beach Blvd Suite 200
On the 2nd floor of the Byler Bldg. Just minutes from Town Center


Monday – Friday 1:00 PM-10:00PM

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