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What to Look for in a Good Dance Instructor: 5 Key Traits

June 9, 2023

Anyone can call themselves a dance instructor, but not every professionally trained dancer has the skills and aptitude to actually be a good one. When looking for someone to teach you to dance, naturally, you’ll seek out someone with a dance background and the evidence to prove it. Seems sufficient, right? Well … not exactly!  […]

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How to Be More Confident on the Dance Floor: 7 Easy Ways

May 1, 2023

You’ve been taking dance lessons for some time now, feel perfectly comfortable with what you’ve learned, and are totally at ease with dancing in front of your instructor, partner, and other students at your studio … but the idea of dancing in front of anyone else, anywhere else throws your stomach into knots. Well, you’re […]

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To Take Ballroom Dance Lessons or Not? Consider These 6 Things

March 11, 2023

So, you’ve done your research and found a terrific ballroom studio, your questions have been answered, maybe you’ve even taken an introductory class. Everything seems great and you’re excited by the idea of joining! Now, you just have to do it, but you’ve put it on the backburner… and it’s been there for a while. […]

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4 Fun Ways to Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship Through Dance

February 19, 2023

Your relationship is important and, just like anything else of value, it requires regular upkeep and lots of TLC to ensure its health and longevity. So, what can you do to keep the romantic flames burning? Well, some things are obvious: Communicate, respect one another, have fun, partake in one another’s hobbies, stay physically fit, […]

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How to Find the Best Dance Studio for You:
A Quick Guide

January 8, 2023

You want to take dance lessons and are eager to get started… but what, exactly, should you look for in a dance studio? While, at first, the answer may not seem clear, there’s one thing for certain: You definitely want to make the right choice! After all, it’s an exciting step to take, but it’s […]

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Learn How to Dance or Become a Better Dancer – It’s Easy & Here’s How

November 7, 2022

You’re at a party, wedding, or nightclub and everyone’s on the dance floor having the time of their lives: The Salsa Queen, the Mambo King, and everyone in between! But you? You’re still standing there against the wall asking how some people just seem like born dancers while others appear to have been “born with […]

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You Should Take an Adult Dance Class – Here are 6 Reasons Why

September 30, 2022

If you’re reading this, then you’re likely looking for a way to let loose and have some fun. And if you’re like most adults, you probably don’t have much time for hobbies. Between work, family, and all the other obligations life throws your way, it can be tough to find the time to do things […]

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Improve Your Dance Technique with These Easy-to-Do Ideas

July 20, 2022

So you want to improve your dance technique! Well, you’ll have to take a few extra steps and even get out of your comfort zone to do so, because, while dance is a beautiful and fun art form, getting better at it, like anything else, takes work. Technique is one of the major building blocks […]

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6 Ways to Ensure Your First Dance is a Success on Your Wedding Day

May 25, 2022

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you’ve already made arrangements to start taking wedding dance lessons, are currently learning, or are thinking about taking them, then you’ll certainly want to get the most that you can out of your learning experience and make sure that you’re a total showstopper on the day of. While a […]

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Become a Better Lead on the Dance Floor – 11 Quick & Easy Ways

February 27, 2022

So, you want to become a better lead on the dance floor. That’s an excellent goal and well… we’re happy you’re here, because this article is going to help you with a number of key basics that you can put into action right away, ensuring that you start leading your partner more effectively and having […]

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Which Kind of Dance Should You Learn? Part 2: Latin Styles

December 2, 2021

Latin is among the world’s most enjoyed and exciting types of dance, and under its umbrella is a diverse range of dance styles. While a plentiful selection can be a plus to some, the array of options can be a bit overwhelming to others, particularly for those who are new to dancing. So where do […]

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Which Type of Dance Should You Learn? Part 1: Ballroom Styles

November 1, 2021

Interested in learning to dance, but can’t place your finger on which type of dance you’d actually like to learn? You’re not alone. That’s the case for many people who are just starting out in the diverse world of dance and, believe it or not, it’s even a chore for those with experience at times. […]

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Get Fit, Get Slim, & Be Healthier Without Going to the Gym: Just Dance!

August 12, 2021

Are you aware that dancing is considered an athletic activity? Well, it is and it’s even recognized by the International Olympics Committee as a sport. “Why?” you might ask, considering most people only understand dance to be an art form (which it is), but because of the physical training, stamina, agility, skill, endurance, strength, and […]

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