Improve Your Dance Technique with These Easy-to-Do Ideas

So you want to improve your dance technique! Well, you’ll have to take a few extra steps and even get out of your comfort zone to do so, because, while dance is a beautiful and fun art form, getting better at it, like anything else, takes work.

Technique is one of the major building blocks of your dancing and will help you become a better dancer overall – now and in the long run. Some of things that you’ll likely work on will involve your posture, alignment, balance, body placement, form, flexibility, strength, and stamina. These will be key areas as you work on improving your technique from a general standpoint, but they’ll also be of great service to you in any style of dance that you pursue. Keep in mind that dedication, practice, and patience (with yourself and, if you have one, your partner, too) will be your best friends; it’ll take some time, but the leveling up and confidence you’ll experience as a dancer are completely worth it! Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Believe in Yourself

The first step to improving your dance technique is believing! Believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities. Believe that you can improve and you will! There is a lot of power in thought, so put yourself in an optimistic frame of mind to kick off this journey. Keep in mind that everyone progresses at their own pace and avoid comparing yourself to others. Do that and you’ll be surprised at how much your technique improves, how much better you get at dancing, and how great you feel about yourself, too. Don’t give up!

Let Inspiration Take the Reins

While you should not compare yourself to other dancers, watching others perform is, without a doubt, a great way to improve your technique. Watching various professionals, and even your instructors, on the dance floor can be a terrific source of inspiration along the way. Take note of their posture, alignment, and movements, and observe how they use their arms and legs. You just may find yourself leveraging the inspiration and blending what you’ve witnessed into areas of your own style!

Take Professional Lessons

Taking professional dance lessons and workshops is one of the best ways to improve your technique and get ahead in your dancing goals! You’ll have the priceless opportunity to learn from peers, other experienced dancers, and actual instructors, all of whom you’ll be able to observe and learn from in real time, but will also give you feedback on your own dancing. Furthermore, lessons and workshops provide supportive and fun environments that’ll likely stimulate and encourage you to stick to your journey and continue building upon any progress that you’ve already made.

Use Your Instructor’s Advice

One thing’s for sure: You can count on your dance instructor for help, so don’t be afraid to ask! Not only do they fully support your individual dance goals, progress, and growth, they’ll offer useful feedback and help make important corrections to take your dancing to the next level. Of course, you’ll need to be open to constructive criticism and maintain a positive attitude when asking for help, because a good dance instructor will, indeed, bring to the forefront things that need attention. So, if you’re flexible, open to real advice, and willing to put in the recommended work, asking for help can be a solid way to improve your dance technique.

Practice in Your Living Room

Making time to practice what you’ve learned often can go quite a way – and that also means practicing at home. By working on technique on your own time, you can really focus on improving the areas that need the most work. Practicing at home doesn’t mean you have to practice alone, though; if you have a friend or partner who is also interested in improving their own technique, you can practice together (this can be a fun way to motivate each other and hold one another accountable to progress). Even if you don’t have someone to practice with, there are plenty of ways to practice at home by yourself, like taking online dance lessons, using instructional videos, or even just putting on your favorite tunes and dancing around the living room! In any case, make sure that you have adequate space, suitable flooring, and mirrors (while not totally necessary, they can be very helpful). 

Whether you learn ballroom or any other category of dance, improving your technique will take time and diligence, so don’t expect perfection overnight… but do expect to have fun while you do it! Stay motivated, set goals for yourself, celebrate every bit that you accomplish, and use the ideas above to get well on your way to becoming a stronger dancer by the day! 

Feel free to share the things that helped you improve your own dance technique in the comments section below!

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