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"... Friendly and incredible dancers."

"I am so happy that I found Arthur Murray dance studio! Dancing is the most amazing way to be active, find community, and decrease stress. The staff takes the time to get to know each student and really tailors each lesson to your personal goals. My instructor... puts in so much time and energy to make sure I am challenged and also having fun! The staff are all so friendly and incredible dancers and creative choreographers. Thank you to my Arthur Murray family for creating so much joy in my life!"
-- Kelsey Blackburn, Virginia (via Google)

"... Enthusiasm and joy for dance..."

"I highly doubt that you will find a better quality dance studio anywhere in the Hampton Roads area. The owners are dance champions and [are excellent]... I have never laughed as much with people and at myself as I have since attending Arthur Murray. The staff is so personable and know[s] how to have a good time, that you can't help but get caught up in their enthusiasm and joy for dance and life in general. In short, I'm having the time of my life and wouldn't even want to go anywhere else."
-- Raichelle G., Virginia Beach, VA (via Yelp)

"... A wonderful dancing experience."

"I have been taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray with my dad for our father/daughter dance for my wedding. Every experience at Arthur Murray has been professional and wonderful. Every employee is kind and energetic and we are always greeted with a smile. Eric is an excellent teacher, very professional, and VERY patient! I’ve had a wonderful dancing experience here and I highly recommend this company..."
-- Nona Beth Weddle, Virginia (via Facebook)

"... We could not be happier..."

"Arthur Murray is a great choice for anyone looking for an introduction to any type of dance. My wife and I started with zero experience and in just four short lessons, we were able to learn a simple yet elegant dance for our wedding that turned out to be one of the highlights of the entire night. Our instructor, Eric, did a fantastic job at making us confident with the fundamentals while adding as much to our dance as possible. We could not be happier with our experience at Arthur Murray and they will be the only studio we attend in the future." -- Taylor Goff, Virginia (via Google)

"... Classes run very smoothly."

"I have been taking virtual classes with AMVB [Arthur Murray Virginia Beach]. The setup and technology are very effective and the classes run very smoothly. You can attend the class in the comfort of your own home. It's convenient because I can finish a work meeting and immediately log onto my virtual class. During class, I work on new patterns and improve techniques on the dances I have already been working on. I had a class with Savanna and Eric also attended to observe my work and progress. I highly recommend the virtual classes to anyone! ...I will continue to take virtual classes for a while even when the studio [re]opens (due to my job), but I hope that, when it is safe, everyone can enjoy dancing at the studio." -- Masoumeh Kiamanesh, Virginia Beach, VA

"... Incredibly warm and patient..."

"I've been wanting to try ballroom dancing lessons for years but I've always been a bit intimidated by the idea of embarrassing myself in front of a group of strangers. But from day one, I felt so at ease. The instructors are sweet, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested. Wendy, the owner, always makes a point to greet us (by name) and check in with us. We alternate instruction from Chris and Noah. I can't say enough wonderful things about them. They're both incredibly warm and patient; they explain things in a way that's easy to understand and follow. I can't recommend this studio and these instructors enough!" -- Traci W., Virginia (via Yelp)

"... Dance instruction is superb..."

"One of the kindest and most professional settings I’ve ever had a chance to participate in! And that’s just from their hellos! The dance instruction is superb and professional! They offer an endless supply of dance instruction for your pursuit of the greatness of dance... I strongly recommend Arthur Murray dance studio which is led by some of the finest dancers in Tidewater!" -- Chad Havunen, Virginia (via Facebook)

"... An incredible experience..."

"I have had an incredible experience so far with the virtual lessons. They are great to be able to focus on your own movement. Usually [in a traditional setting] you are dancing with your instructor and they are going off of feel [physically guiding you] or trying to look in the mirrors to see what you are doing, now [through virtual lessons] they can just watch [observe you] and it is easier to correct any [of your] errors. The virtual lessons are also great for learning new steps since you can’t get away with just following and relying on the lead to know the step[s]. I have definitely learned a lot just from the couple virtual lessons I’ve had so far!"
-- Monica Shifflet, Virginia Beach, VA

"Wonderful, talented, super sweet..."

"Simply the best, all around dance studio in the 757! Wonderful, talented, super sweet and accommodating instructors, a beautiful studio and an experience that you should not pass up!!!!"
-- Megin Kennett, Virginia (via Facebook)

"... Had a great virtual lesson..."

"Shirley and I had a great virtual lesson with Noah and Arthur Murray VB! Honestly, we were unsure of what to expect and if it would be worth it compared to a traditional in-person lesson. ... Noah got us connected quickly and easily, and clearly has had his share of practice because he was a pro at streamlined camera adjustments between full body and footwork views. The lesson was heavily focused on individual technique, which let's be honest, we all need to work a little more on. In a way, the virtual lesson has been a good thing as it has us practicing things that we probably have neglected a little. If you are getting antsy because you're missing your individual dance lessons, I would clear out some space in a room, schedule a lesson and get to work!"  -- John & Shirley Kent, Virginia Beach, VA

"... Actually quite enjoyable!"

"The COVID-19 shutdowns have been hard on many people, especially ballroom dancers. While you can't always experience ballroom in [its] intended form, Arthur Murray has the next best thing: virtual dance lessons. At first I was skeptical, but I soon found out that it's actually quite enjoyable! You still get one on one communication with your instructor and can get detailed instruction and feedback. It's two-way so like [regular] lessons you can still learn at your own pace. There are no added fees and the only thing you need is a free app and a computer or other smart device. Even if you can't go to Arthur Murray, they will come to your living room!"  -- John Aranzy, Virginia Beach, VA

"... Enjoyed this place so much!"

"My fiance and I decided to come here so we could have some type of choreographed first dance at our wedding. ... This place is located on the second floor of the building and they have signs leading all the way up so you won't get lost. As soon as we enter, we are greeted right away! Talk about making a great first impression because we were offered beverages and a seat on the couch. We were then greeted by one of their professionals and we told her what we wanted. In the 30 minutes, I thought we learned a lot. She made us feel very comfortable (we are in no way dancers, at all). So we decided to take some lessons with them. Six lessons to be exact. Next week is our last lesson and I'm a little sad because we've enjoyed this place so much! They do private lessons and group lessons. They even had a Valentine's day party! Even if you've never danced before, this place will make you super comfortable... like you're at home dancing the night away!"
-- Jeffrey G., Virginia (via Yelp)

“We LOVED our lessons…”

"We LOVED our lessons at Arthur Murray in VB for our recent wedding. [Our instructor] helped put together a flawless dance to the song of our choice. It looked very detailed, but was easy for us to remember. She added moments in the dance that helped us get the most gorgeous photos. We received SO many compliments from guests on the elegance of our dance. I would recommend this studio to anyone looking for a memorable first dance!" -- Allie Vogrig, Virginia (via Google)

“... This journey has been amazing…”

"My husband and I started taking dance lessons as a new hobby to enjoy together. It has provided an outlet we didn't know we needed. We connect, we laugh, we dance, we have fun AND no phones or TV involved! [Our instructor] is knowledgeable, fun and patient. He definitely knows our vibe and fits our personalities perfectly. He is a huge part of why this journey has been amazing for us thus far and why we keep coming back, week after week. Thank you... for opening that door for us and taking us on this fantastic ride..." -- Chrissy Hill, Virginia (via Facebook)

"... A fun way to de-stress after work."

"For those of you who are nervous to dance in front of others or feel like you have two left feet, you’ve come to the right place! ...Our instructor, Jack, was the best of the best! His personality, energy and passion for dancing was contagious. He put together a choreographed dance, which was easy enough to remember, but also included some fun moves we learned along the way! ...[Apart from] learning something new and going outside our comfort zone in a safe space, this activity... was a fun way to [de-stress] after work. It got our minds thinking in a different way and got us out of the house to enjoy something new. Highly recommend Arthur Murray for fun date nights, an expansion in a hobby and also if you are planning for a wedding or fancy event... you’ll be in for [a] learning adventure you will enjoy!" -- Brooke Stepanek, Virginia (via Google)

"... More confident in our dancing..."

"My husband and I went to Arthur Murray for dance lessons prior to our wedding and have nothing but amazing things to say about them. Not only did we learn a choreographed dance (shoutout to Blakely who was awesome and super patient with us with our zero dance experience), we also learned multiple different types of ballroom dances and dance moves that we will be able to expound upon [for] years to come. We also are 110% more confident in our dancing than prior and are looking forward to pursuing more dance lessons in the years to come. Thank you so much for such a great experience!!"  -- Anna Stamas, Virginia (via Google)

"We couldn't have asked for more."

"This studio is absolutely wonderful. My fiancé and I went here with little to no dance experience wanting to create the perfect first dance and the team really delivered… So knowledgeable and friendly. We couldn’t have asked for more. The last lesson felt so special and I almost teared up having to say [goodbye] to some of the instructors (we’ll be back for sure). Worth every penny. Thank you!"  -- Margarita Ayala, Virginia (via Google)

"... Incredible teachers."

"I only did a few lessons, but it was an amazing experience with incredible teachers. Unfortunately, like with everything in the military, I got deployed and then changed commands, so the dance lessons had to be dropped. Regardless, this was still a great experience I'd never tried until I went to this dance studio. I highly recommend them."
-- Matthew Beasley., Virginia (via Google)

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