4 Fun Ways to Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship Through Dance

Your relationship is important and, just like anything else of value, it requires regular upkeep and lots of TLC to ensure its health and longevity. So, what can you do to keep the romantic flames burning? Well, some things are obvious: Communicate, respect one another, have fun, partake in one another’s hobbies, stay physically fit, do romantic things on a whim, have regular date nights – the list goes on. But what about the not-so-obvious ones, like… dancing? Really! It’s that simple (and it’s fantastic), but it’s not your typical piece of relationship advice, so it’s easy to overlook as an option. In fact, many couples don’t realize just how much dance changes their love lives until they’ve immersed themselves in the experience – and it can change yours, too! 

These 4 fun ideas show you how to use dance to reboot the romance, rekindle the relationship with your significant other, and keep the love-flame ablaze! 

1 💞 Add Dancing to Your Date Nights

If you’re not scheduling date nights already, then there’s an opportunity to open the dialogue about it with your partner. Continuing to “date” each other throughout your relationship or marriage keeps the spark alive by recapturing your courtship stage and serving as a reminder why the two of you fell for one another in the first place. These special evenings dedicated to yourselves are perfect for decompressing, reconnecting on deeper levels, stepping away from the everyday routine, and having fun. Dancing effectively accomplishes all of those things, as well, which makes it a great complement to your date nights. You can dance at or after dinner, together at nightclubs, at organized affairs, or even at home!

2 💞 Surprise Them With a Dance Gift Certificate

Who doesn’t love surprises?! If your partner has even remotely expressed an interest in the art of dance (e.g., they speak fondly about it; they enjoy shows like Dancing With the Stars or movies like Dirty Dancing and Shall We Dance?), then there’s a pretty solid chance that they’ll enjoy getting to experience it by taking a few professional dance lessons themselves. A gift certificate for dance classes opens the door for them to explore, get their feet wet, and do something that they’ll enjoy. Giving them one “just because” can be a very unique, thoughtful, and unexpected surprise that shows how much you’ve been paying attention to their interests – and that alone is romantic! Your partner will love you for it!

3 💞 Dance Anywhere, Anytime

Initiate spontaneous dancing with your partner! It’s fun and you can really do it anywhere; locations like the park or the beach, for instance, make good unconventional places to dance (and you can also do this at home). Just grab your phone, get a playlist going, take your partner’s hand, and glide into a dancing dream! Spontaneity brings with it an air of playfulness, it’s exciting and attractive, it elicits smiles, creates new memories, and it can fuel your relationship and undoubtedly the romance!

4 💞 Take Dance Lessons Together

Let’s say you did surprise your partner with a dance gift certificate and they, of course, completely loved the experience! Should it stop there? Absolutely not! In fact, you should join them by signing up to take dance lessons together. Ballroom and Latin are great places to start as a couple, because they’re partner dances by nature and offer various styles to choose from, such as the Waltz, Bachata, and Rumba. Working together to decide which style of dance you’d both like to pursue will be a fun little exercise as you enter this new journey hand in hand! Even if you didn’t go the gift-certificate route, you should float the idea of signing up for classes anyway, because the rewards are plenty! Couples often discover that taking dance lessons together strengthens their bonds in various novel ways by creating a shared challenge that they can navigate as one, introducing new levels of trust and communication, opening a new avenue of teamwork, bringing them closer, and, of course, adding a new dimension of fun to their lives! Now, if that doesn’t sound romantic, what does?

As you can see, dancing together often can be used to unveil different sides of intimacy and joy in your relationship, quickly strengthening the connection between you and your partner. While often overlooked, it’s a simple and effective element to add to the life that you share with the person you love… and it’s so worth it!

What are your thoughts on incorporating a dance regimen to rekindle the romantic flames in a relationship or marriage? Which of the 4 ideas above do you plan on taking a shot at?  Feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions by emailing us or commenting below!

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2 thoughts on “4 Fun Ways to Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship Through Dance”

  1. No matter what stage you’re at in your relationship, it’s important for couples to carve out special time for one another. Whether it’s regular date nights, saving up for a big event, or indulging in the little things as often as you can, all these romantic acts nurture your relationship and keep your bond strong. Make these pastimes with your partner a priority, and keep the love burning.

    1. Hi, Balduin – Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You’re absolutely right about the need for couples to carve out special time for one another. Doing things together on a regular basis has been proven to strengthen relationships in different ways across various stages. Thanks for reading!

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