Franchisee ⭑ Master Examiner

Taras Denysenko


A Love & Talent for Dancing

Taras was born and raised in Rochester, NY, where he found early in life a love and talent for dancing. Fostering an appreciation for the family’s Ukrainian heritage, Taras’s parents introduced their children to the country’s culture and customs where his aptitude for Ukrainian Folk dancing became evident. Throughout his childhood years, Taras studied, practiced, and performed as a principal dancer for his group, and traveled to ballet workshops and intensives to solidify his foundation in this art.

Arthur Murray Beginnings

Seeking a means to supplement his lifestyle as a burgeoning rock star, Taras stumbled upon the movie ‘Swing Kids’, which inspired a call to an Arthur Murray Dance Studio where he was offered a position as an instructor and his training quickly commenced.

Accolades & Accomplishments

Taras started his employment in 1996 at the Rochester studio. He would go on to achieve many goals and receive accolades as an instructor, from being one of the top teachers in the organization to becoming the franchisee of the studio within five years. A few of his professional dance accomplishments with his wife, Wendy, include: Southern Ontario Rhythm Champions, World Salsa finalists, Arthur Murray Rising Star Rhythm Champions, and Open Rhythm Champions and World finalists.

Bringing the Magic to VA Beach

In 2009, Taras and Wendy moved to Virginia Beach and opened the Arthur Murray Studio as it is today. As Certified Dance Masters, they travel the country as Adjudicators, Trainers and Consultants. Their goal is to bring Hampton Roads the highest quality and the finest service dance instruction has to offer.

The below video features Taras and his wife, Wendy, in a featured news segment for Dancing With Rochester Stars.