Franchisee ⭑ Master Examiner

Wendy Denysenko


A Lifelong Passion for Dancing

Dancing has been a lifelong passion and pursuit for both Taras and Wendy. When the two began their dance careers as Instructors with Arthur Murray Dance Studios, they joined the organization with individual, yet equally extensive, backgrounds in fine arts. Wendy, a Musical Theatre major, started dancing at a young age with a classical background in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Her love and talent for the stage was highlighted in the well-known productions of Grease and Man of la Mancha. Taras found his love of dance through his culture, as he explored movement and music through Ukrainian Folk Dance. His natural ability and talent for Ballet earned him the title of Lead Dancer in the premier Ukrainian Folk Dance Group of Rochester, New York. Passion met opportunity when Taras and Wendy discovered the world of Ballroom Dance. Taras and Wendy chose to pursue their personal and professional dance goals, which led them to great achievement. Partnered in 2001, they dedicated themselves to the continued growth of their respective dance studios while simultaneously training to reach champion-level success in the competitive dance arena. Taras and Wendy professionally thrive in all positions within Arthur Murray as Instructors, Managers, Coaches, and most recently as Franchisees of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Success & Accolades

The successes and accolades of Taras and Wendy are numerous. Wendy’s ability to teach and motivate, with her reassuring and positive approach to students, earned her the title of Top Teacher in the Rochester Studio, which led to her promotion as Executive Supervisor overseeing the growth of her staff and helping to create one of the leading studios on the East Coast. As Dance Director of the Rochester Studio, Taras helped raise the area’s dance standard. As a natural leader, his ability to organize international competitive events helped Arthur Murray students and teachers broaden their perspective of the power of dance to connect people of different cultures. His ingenuity as a choreographer, as well as his skill for highlighting the unique talents and abilities of his students, is demonstrated with every formation, spotlight performance, dance show, and competitive routine to which he lends his talents.

Taras and Wendy credit much of their competitive career success to their wonderful teachers and dance coaches. Having worked with some of the Industry’s best, Taras and Wendy acquired the skills and level of discipline necessary to achieve a level of professional success that only top competitors will know. In 2005 Taras and Wendy Denysenko became Arthur Murray Rising Star Rhythm Champions. Since then they have been finalists and champions in such competitions as the Caribbean DanceSport Championship, the New York City Superama and Dance-O-Rama, Atlanta Open, Atlantic City Dance-O-Rama, Las Vegas World-O-Rama, La Classique du Québec and Falls Premier Ball. They experience continued success in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Bringing the Magic to VA Beach

In 2009, an exciting opportunity led Taras and Wendy to relocate to Virginia Beach where they opened their own Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Since that time, their consistent efforts to evolve in the field of Performance Art have reinvigorated dance in Virginia Beach. The authentic quality and standard of dance that typically exists only in major cities, like New York and Los Angeles, can be experienced in their Virginia Beach Studio. Presently their goal is to expand so that everyone in Hampton Roads may have the opportunity to experience the magic that Arthur Murray’s brings.

The below video features Wendy and her husband, Taras, in a featured news segment for Dancing With Rochester Stars.